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Making your website stand out in the very populated web can be a daunting task and what you need to remember is that there is no ‘quick’ or ‘overnight’ fix.  To get your website ranking for the right keyword’s in the right areas takes time and there are many factory that need to be taken into consideration.

We have created inclusive packages which are detailed below.  These entry level packages are are designed around ‘what should I be doing as a minimum‘ and include the key things that need to be done / updated every week and every month.

These packages will not suite everyone though as with different websites and different goals the strategy’s used will inevitable differ.

We are also able to manage your Google Ad campaigns for you as we have a Google Ads certified professional on board.  Google Ads are a perfect way of standing out in highly competitive category’s and for getting results quickly whilst your SEO is being implemented.

Use our free website health check to get a top line idea of the health of your website.

On-Page SEO

On-page SEO is still very important as Google will use the information contained within the web page to assess the relevance of the content .i.e is it what the user was searching for.  Google actually state this themselves in their How Search Works Report .

“The most basic signal that information is relevant is when a webpage contains the same keywords as your search query. If those keywords appear on the page, or if they appear in the headings or body of the text, the information is more likely to be relevant.”

We will ensure that all your important keyword’s are monitored and that aspects of your page are coordinated with these.  Every month we will optimise your page/s (dependant on package) as part of a develop, deploy, learn concept.

Monthly we will also write informative and industry relevant blogs for your site with a minimum of 1,000 words.  These will be written around your important keyword subjects.  This informative and unique content will also drive your rankings higher.

Image Optimisation
Keywords Monitored235
Meta Description Writing
Internal Linking
Header Tag Review
Existing Pages optimised (per month)135
Content Writing – Monthly Blogs (1,000 words)112

Off-Page SEO

Off-page SEO which is also referred to as “off-site SEO” refers to the content outside of your website that will impact your search engine rankings.  We use quality links from a mixture of medium and high authority sites to increase your websites rankings.

With links, the key thing to remember is that its quality, over quantity as some links from sites with bad reputations will damage your rankings.

We monitor all back links on a monthly basis for you (package dependant) to ensure that there are only good quality links towards your site.

Directory Submissions (per month)152025
Link Building
Google Places for Business Setup
Bing Places for Business Setup

Google Ads

Google Ads will not directly effect your organic search engine rankings, but it serves as a ideal way to give you increased coverage in a competitive market and also acts as a source of leads whilst your SEO campaign is kicking in.

With a Google Ads Certified Professional within our team we are able to manage your Google Ad campaigns for you.  This includes the building of the keywords, ads and extensions whilst setting the strategy.  We monitor these on a daily basis to ensure that they are performing against your objective and will make changes where needed throughout the campaign.

Keyword Research
Google Ad Management
Campaigns Managed25

Social Media

Although Google have stated that social media is not a direct SEO ranking factor for them social media still plays an important part in your overall SEO and branding strategy.

First of all Social Media profiles rank highly in search engines as the domain is usually of a very high authority.  With this comes the content within it, so although it may not be directly linking to your site it will be pushing visitors to your social media company profiles.

This is where content becomes king as its important that the user gets a good first impression.  We will create engaging branding for your social media channels, including cover images for your company pages and will ensure high quality posts using key headlines, eye catching images and where appropriate, clear call to actions.

We can cover all social media channels including, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pintrest and TikTok.

SEO SilverSEO GoldSocial SilverSocial Gold
Social Media Branding
Social Media Channels Included2323
Posts per week (includes image creation)1335
Facebook Ad Campaign Management (up to 2)
Monthly Reporting

Website Management

Ensuring that you site structure is correct is very important as this will allow Google to crawl your website with no issues.  Any issues with the site crawl and Google wont be able to discover your content as this will stop your site from ranking and being shown in search results.

In addition to ensuring your site is optimised for the Google crawl we also ensure that your site is running quickly and page load times are low.  Google sees page load times as an important with faster loading times contributing to a good user experience.  We monitor this on a weekly basis and depending on the package we can also use a CDN to speed up your site further.

Finally we also monitor your website 24 hours a day, 7 days a week for any downtime.

Page Load Time
Broken Link Checking
Duplicate Content Checking
Robots .txt and Sitemap updates
Google Crawl Error Checking
Uptime Monitoring
CDN usage
Google and Bing Sitemap Submission

Monthly Reporting

Whilst its very hard for you to see the work that gets done behind the scenes, its not hard for you to see your rankings improve and leads being generated.

Every month you will receive a full report which will benchmark current positions against the previous months, showing you the SEO effect.

In addition to this we will supply you with a competitor analysis document showing you what your chosen competitors are doing on the web.  We also use this for the strategy as we will want to ensure that we are competing with them where appropriate.

Traffic Analysis
Social Media Analysis
Google Ads Reporting
Site Health Report (including Uptime)
Back Link Analysis
Competitor Analysis123
Keyword Ranking Reports

Affordable Pricing

All of our packages are for a minimum period of 6 months.  The main reason for this is SEO is not an overnight fix and takes time.  You have the option of paying monthly, or for a reduced amount, pay the 6 months upfront for SEO packages and 12 months upfront for social packages.

Google Ads and Facebook ad spend is not included in the Our packages cover the management of you ads across Google and Facebook but not the ad spend, when planning your budget please take into consideration what you would like to spend on ad’s per month.

SEO Bronze




6 month’s upfront payment of £427

Saving you £47

SEO Silver




6 month’s upfront payment of £782

Saving you £112

SEO Gold




6 month’s upfront payment of £1,314

Saving you £180

Social Silver




12 month’s upfront payment of £1,089

1 month free

Social Gold




12 month’s upfront payment of £3,289

1 month free + £100 Facebook ad credit

All prices are exclusive of VAT which is chargeable at 20%

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